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Energy efficiency technology for commercial air conditioning systems. Designed for retail stores, hotels, office blocks, server rooms plus more.

Precise temperate control

3 year warranty

Predictable energy savings

No Maintenance needed

6-12 month ROI

COOLNOMIX® narrows the temperature range of any room giving greater comfort levels.

COOLNOMIX® comes with a full replacement warranty.

Typical energy savings between 25-30% on most aircon systems.

COOLNOMIX® is a set and forget technology. Once installed it operates dynamically without need for inputs.

COOLNOMIX® is very financially attractive, paying for itself in extremely fast payback periods.

COOLNOMIX® is a smart thermostat designed for energy savings.


  • Smart thermostat using algorithms
  • Typically 30% reduced energy consumption
  • Works with ALL compressor based A/C systems
  • Works with ANY sized based A/C systems
  • Fully safety compliant and certified
  • 3 year full replacement warranty
  • No maintenance, install & forget
  • Prevents icing on refrigeration A/C systems
  • Built in surge protection
  • Full technical support

COOLNOMIX® in action

AsiaPacific rollout after successful trials in Hong Kong in 2016. The results of the trial were 35% & 39% respectively. On the news of this, HSBC’s management decided to install COOLNOMIX® throughout all branches in the Asia Pacific region. 

Substantial HVAC savings for several cinema complexes since COOLNOMIX®  was installed. The cinemas in Manila have been saving typically 30% each month on their HVAC costs, for the last 18 months.

29% trial results was enough to convince Ayala Land to begin rolling out COOLNOMIX®  to more locations throughout their property portfolio starting with an office building in BGC early 2020.

COOLNOMIX® narrows the temperature range of any room giving greater comfort levels.